July 23, 2021

Hinsdale Central Football Families,

With Summer Camp ending earlier today, the boys get a welcome 2-week break before regular practice begins on August 9. Now is a good time for everyone to set our sights on what promises to be a BACK-TO-NORMAL Fall Season. As we prepare for the fall season, there are a few things to be prepared for:


While a good number of you have registered for HC Football Club, many of you have not, and now is the time! So we wanted to remind you about what we are about. HCFC is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit voluntary organization, dedicated to supporting all levels of the HC football program. All dues and fundraising activities provide services and events that assist the athletes, coaching staff and the entire football program.

HC Football Club dues are $275. What do your dues pay for? For instance, over 75% of the HCFC dues collected are used to pay for additional coaching staff. Other than Coaches, here is a list of just a few things HCFC has provided to the HC football program in the recent past:

• Practice packs
• Team dinners
• Video equipment
• Uniforms and practice gear
• Helmet Guardians
• DonJoy knee guards
• Player equipment bags
• Technology including HUDL, website, twitter, SmugMug
• Player financial assistance
• and more!

Please register for the 2021 season HERE.

We know that not all families are able to pay the Club dues, and we understand! Please, if you would like to make payments over time toward the dues and/or ask for a scholarship, we would love to work with you so please reach out to me directly.

If you are able to contribute to our scholarship fund, please send a check to HC Football Club, PO Box 155, Hinsdale 60522 with scholarship fund in the memo line. Any amount is appreciated!

We want HC Football to be ALL IN and we don’t want to deny any player any benefits of the program, but we need the support of all families who are financially able to pay the Club dues.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact


The Parent Kickoff Party (which is for freshman, sophomore and varsity football parents and friends) will be on Saturday night August 21, the night after the Red/White scrimmage game. We will be sending out a separate email with the details about this event in the next few days. Many of you have signed up already, but we hope most everyone makes it out for this as it is always a real fun event and a great way to connect with other football parents.


Many of you have reached out and asked about when we are reopening the Spirit Wear sales. We plan to do that this Monday and keep it open until August 3, so that everyone can get their items before the first game on August 27. We have added several items, including jackets and hats that you will want for the fall games. We will be sending out a separate email on this with links to purchase spirit wear and player wear either over the weekend or on Monday, so keep an eye open.


Senior parents, mark your calendars for the evening of August 10. Amy and Mike McCurry have graciously offered to host this event. We will send out a separate email to senior parents with the details in the next few days.


So many of you have been so generous in asking to help us, and there are a number of areas where we could use help this year, including team meals, parent kickoff party, senior night, picture day, chain gang and more. We are going to put together an email for many of these items and we encourage you to volunteer wherever you can. So keep an eye open for that in the coming days.

That’s it for now. Friday nights at Dickinson will be here before you know it.

Craig Boggs | HCFC President

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