Indiana recruit Matt Bjorson 'bigger and stronger' than opposition

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Patrick Kelly

Hinsdale Central tight end Matt Bjorson capped a 15-play, game-opening drive against York with a catch in the corner of the end zone that was impressive for its athleticism and physicality.

The 6-foot-3 senior leaped higher than his defender, and also reached over him to haul in the 10-yard pass from junior Matt Rush.

The touchdown grab by Bjorson, an Indiana recruit, not only gave the Red Devils an early lead, it established a pattern: The Dukes could not contain Bjorson's size or speed in Hinsdale Central's 31-7 West Suburban Silver victory on Friday in Elmhurst.

"He (Bjorson) has always been physical, and he has gotten better each week and each year, as well," Red Devils coach Dan Hartman said. "He is at the point now where he is a little bigger and stronger than the kids he is going against, and he is making plays when he gets the opportunity."

Bjorson added a touchdown catch in the third quarter that was completely different than his earlier score. Normally lined up as an H-back or tight end, Bjorson lined up as a wide receiver and raced past his defender for a 32-yard scoring catch.

"He is faster than he looks," Hartman said. "He is 225, 230 pounds, but he can definitely run for sure. It might be a little deceiving."

Bjorson finished with six receptions for 94 yards for the Red Devils (4-1, 3-0).

Bjorson, who lives in Hinsdale, has played on the varsity level since he was a sophomore, and he has worked hard to improve different aspects of his game.

"My speed and strength is the biggest thing," Bjorson said. "I am weighing 225 pounds right now, and at the beginning of the season I was running a 4.6 (second) 40 (yard dash). It is hard to cover someone that is my size that is running that fast."

Weight training has helped Bjorson add over 30 pounds to his frame since his sophomore season, but he has also turned to some more flavorful methods to pack on pounds.

"This offseason, I drank a lot of chocolate milk, so it is surprising to people," Bjorson said. "I drink gallons a day. I gained (about) 20 pounds in five weeks."

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