#RedDevilsAlum: Raiders Complete Camp, Name Captains

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HAMILTON – Camp is closed and the Colgate Raiders are officially in season.
Colgate held a brief situational walk-through Saturday morning on Crown Field at Andy Kerr Stadium to put a bow on the preseason camp schedule. The day was highlighted by the official announcement of team captains for the 2018 campaign.
Offensive lineman Max Hartzman and defensive back Alec Wisniewski were selected for the second year in a row and joined by linebacker T.J. Holl and wide receiver Thomas Ives to complete the quartet.

"The four that we have are going to do a great job this year," Colgate head coach Dan Hunt said. "They're leading a team that doesn't need a lot of leading, but they will represent us well."
Candidates for the football captaincy apply for the positions starting in the winter so they can be evaluated by their teammates during the offseason and into camp. Hunt said there were 11 candidates on the ballot this year.
"To listen to them talk, it really didn't matter who won; I would have been happy with any of the 11," Hunt said. "We've got two guys who were captains last year, so they've been around the block. And then T.J. and Thomas are the epitome of what we want a captain to be. They are hard-working and they go out of their way for their teammates."
Colgate opens at home next Saturday against Holy Cross in a 1 p.m. kickoff. The livestream can be seen via WatchStadium and the Patriot League Network.
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More Saturday Comments

Dan Hunt (On this year's camp): "Good camp. We stayed fairly healthy. What I notice every day about this team is they love to practice and they compete. Every play is the Super Bowl to these guys, which is what you want.
"Offensively, in particular, we're further along than we've been coming out of camp in a long time. A lot of that has to do with all of the experience back, and with Grant being such a student of the game. We were able to put in quite a bit and they handled it.

"Defensively, they're flying around the ball and giving multiple looks. I expect them to pick up where they left off last year. Couple of holes to fill with Pat and Trent not around, but we were able to advance things along with the guys we have back, which is good because we open with a team that has all new coaches. We really don't know what they're going to do, and when that's the case you have to be sound in what you know.
"We have to make sure that we are sound offensively and defensively and we can handle really anything that comes our way. Luckily, we have our own offense and defense down to handle that."
(On special teams) "Yeah, Coach Ison out there doing some different stuff this year. Coach Knowles left it in a very good place, so were continuing along there. But that's been a big push for us this camp, as always. We make that a big part of what we do and we have a lot of good players who have key roles.
"The kids who kick the ball are doing a great job. We have a lot of them who could help us this year and I'm happy where we are."

Max Hartzman (On being named captain): "I'm excited for the season. I said it last year but it's a very humbling experience to be voted a captain. It's a long process but I've been around for a while, working to earn this respect from my teammates."
(On this year's camp) "It was great and unlike any camp I've had here. The physicality of practice was there every single day, regardless of the attire we were in. It was a very hungry group.
"A lot of guys were here for the highs of 2015 and then the lows of 2016. We worked a little harder and there was an extra focus to ensure that we have a year more like 2015 and not like 2016."
Alec Wisniewski (On being named captain): "It's a very humbling experience. I'm very fortunate to come back for this extra year, and to be voted captain twice is such an unbelievable honor. I'm blessed and I'm humble and I'm thankful for my teammates, coaches, family and everyone around me."
(On the defense) "We have a lot of guys back and, obviously, that doesn't mean anything when it comes to outcomes on the field. But it means we have a lot of experience and a lot of guys flying around. We have a lot of depth, which is something no one ever talks about. You look at the starters and no one ever accounts for the depth, but we have great depth and it's going to be very helpful in the long run."
T.J. Holl (On being named captain): "I told the team the other day that regardless of whether I was elected captain or not, it wouldn't impact the role I feel I have on the team. I'm sure the other candidates echoed the same thing. It's really just a reflection of this class we have, our senior class and our returning fifth-year seniors. The way we've grown this culture and continued this tradition of leadership and hard work – I'm happy that I can represent such a great group of guys."
(On his camp and returning from injury) "This spring, I got a taste of football again after that injury hiatus from the game. Being back on the field, my main goal is to get back to the speed of things and I've done that. I'm just ready to go."
Thomas Ives (On being named captain): "It's a big honor. It's a big group of guys, with a lot of different guys, but this is our family and the biggest honor you can get is to be one of the people representing them."
(On this year's camp) "It went well. We have a lot of guys back and Grant's coming back for his second year, so everybody kind of knows what they are doing and we're deep. We have a lot of guys at every position. There's not much to worry about and it's nice to progress and get better over these two or three weeks before game day."
(On the receiving corps) "We've got five seniors, so that always helps. We've got a ton of guys who know everything, so when the young guys have questions there's always a guy they can turn to. And the young guys have a lot of talent. So when you mesh the two together, we've got ourselves a group."

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