'We caught a huge break'

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John Whitelaw

1:04 p.m. CDT, October 4, 2009

We learned an important lesson on Saturday: No matter what the circumstance, no matter who you're playing, you can't afford to take any plays off.

Oak Park- River Forest took full advantage of all of our mistakes on Saturday. Whether it was interceptions, missed tackles or poor execution, they were right there to capitalize on it.

I give them a lot of credit, they made us fight for every inch and almost had us beat. The game went into double overtime.

In the second OT, they scored first and kicked the PAT.

After we scored, we decided to go for two. A lucky bounce of my fumble landed right in the end zone, and we were extremely lucky to have a heads-up play by one of our linemen, Scott McDowell. We caught a huge break.

OPRF is a very good team and they should have a lot of success the rest of the season.

This week is homecoming week for us. It's always a pretty hectic week with pep rallies and the powderpuff game.

I am actually the coach of the senior team, with a few of the other senior players. It's really fun, but I can easily see the frustrations of being a coach.

More importantly, we play Downers Grove North on Saturday. They always play tough. They are very well-coached, and they hit hard on every play.

Hopefully this weekend can motivate us to be focused on every single play, not only in games but also in practice.

Hinsdale Central senior quarterback John Whitelaw shares his thoughts exclusively with the Tribune every week in "On the Sideline."

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